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Japan Meets South East Asia

This might be the perfect chocolate all Asian people have dreamed of. “NAYUTA CHOCOLATASIA” is a brand new, high-quality chocolate label produced by Asian people to suit Asian taste palette.

Since many centuries ago, chocolate culture has been long developed in Europe, and most of the global chocolate brands are basically adjusted to the preference of Europeans. Bitter, rich, and complex with high cacao percentage is now the mainstream of world’s chocolate brands, and is much appreciated for its healthy image in the world. Despite this, Asian people, including Japanese, prefer milky, caramel-infused and soft textured chocolate. That is why this great collaboration between Malaysia and Japan took place to develop chocolate specifically for the Asian palette.

Bean-to-bar to Bonbon Chocolate

From bean-to-bar to bonbon chocolate, NAYUTA is manufactured using Asia’s high-quality cacao from selected sources, and also completely produced within the regions to make “high quality” and “affordability” possible at the same time.
Our Chocolates