Nayuta Chocolatasia | Casual Chocolates
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Casual Chocolates

Casual chocolates are snacks such as almonds and cashew nuts, which are coated with chocolate, but also fruity sweets like coconuts that are dipped in chocolate.

“Having delicious chocolate everyday.”

NAYUTA delivers truly satisfying new chocolate with Asian cacao and Japanese technique

Almond Chocolate Bitter
(Almond coated with bitter chocolate)

Almond Chocolate Milk
(Almond coated with milk chocolate)

Almond Chocolate Matcha
(Almond coated with matcha chocolate)

Cashew Nuts Chocolate
(Cashew nuts coated with milk chocolate)

Coconuts Chocolate
(Dry coconut coated with bitter chocolate)

Papaya Chocolate
(Dried papaya coated with chocolate)

Busicuite Coconut

Buscuit Cacao